Payment Processing & Fees

Are your tickets free?  Then so are we!

Ticksi is completely free to use for free tickets, so if you're hosting a networking event or simply a get-together with friends, you can use all of our services completely free-of-charge.  No credit card or bank details are required, ever.

For paid events, our fees are the lowest in the industry, by a mile; up to 60% lower!  Even for smaller events with low-priced tickets, Ticksi's fees are consistently around 45% lower than other providers.  When you're hosting an event on a tight budget, that can make all the difference.  Here's how we stack up:

Provider Service Fee
Ticksi 3.9% + 20p*
Eventbrite 4.0% + 49p
Skiddle 10.0% + 25p

Minimum 40p per ticket


Representative Examples - Total Fee by Ticket Price

Provider £5 £20 £40 £120
Ticksi 40p 98p £1.76 £4.88
Eventbrite 69p £1.29 £2.09 £5.29
Skiddle 75p £2.25 £4.25 £12.25

 Fees correct as at 14 May 2018

More revenue in your pocket.

Our pricing structure means that our fees are always lower than any other providers (the ones we know of, anyway).  It's mathematically impossible for you to pay more using Ticksi than you would with Eventbrite or Skiddle, for example.  What you choose to do with all that extra revenue is up to you, but here's some food for thought based on events we've helped so far:

  • Make your event even more memorable by putting the extra revenue towards higher quality materials or banqueting.
  • Lower your headline ticket price to attract more bookings; even if you only sell the same number of tickets as usual, you'll still end up with the same amount!
  • Make your business more sustainable and put on extra events (maybe even free ones) to raise your profile.
  • Buy a solid gold speedboat.

Can I pass the fees on to the attendee?

Unlike some other providers, Ticksi believe this approach is counter-productive.  Research has shown that up to 50% of consumers have been put off booking an event altogether because of 'additional charges' such as booking fees on top of the advertised costs.

That's why we're taking a stand and Saying 'No' to Booking Fees in order to provide a frustration-free experience for consumers, and the research shows you'll sell more tickets!  If you're running on a tight budget and can't afford to absorb our fees, don't worry, we will help you set a ticket price that includes all fees so you're still getting the revenues you need without risking sales.

How do the payments work?

If your event is free of charge, then the payment stage will be skipped.  For paid tickets, there are a few choices available to collect payments for your events.

Credit & Debit Cards

Ticksi is integrated with a powerful, secure, and mobile-friendly payment portal.  Consumers can use any major credit or debit card to complete the payment, and their event tickets will be available to them the instant the payment has been processed.

Bank Transfers

Often referred to as BACS or Faster Payments, Ticksi can process these transactions for the same payment processing fee as listed above.  This can be especially useful when hosting a business-related event, where payments may have to be made by the finance department after receiving an invoice.

Want to get paid directly to your business bank account?  No problem!  Simply complete the Bank Details section of your account and then contact us.  It's worth noting that when using this option you'll need to log back in to your account and mark the transactions as 'Complete' before the attendee can print their ticket, and before they will appear on your delegate list.  You won't pay any payment processing fees for transactions that use this method.

What happens to the cash?

The money from your ticket sales is credited to your Ticksi account, and you can review your current balance and pending transactions at any time by simply logging in and clicking 'Financials'.  By default, all funds from an event are made available for you to withdraw 5 days after the event has finished.

If you need funds before this date, for example to secure the venue and catering, we can often provide 'Advances' for your event.  We may need to perform some credit checks on you and/or your business before being able to enable this for your account.  If you would like to take advantage of this, please ensure you have accurately completed all of the Address, Company Details, and Bank Details in your account, then contact us.

Check out our Merchant Agreement for full details and all the complex legal stuff, if you're that way inclined.