Say 'No' to Booking Fees

We're taking a more stealth booking fees!

We remember when airlines advertised miniscule airfares that were tantalisingly tempting…until you got to the payment page and suddenly you were hit with a host of hidden fees.  Annoying, wasn’t it?  Thankfully, the big wigs stepped in and changed the rules.

But when it comes to buying a ticket for the theatre, a gig, conference or exhibition, you almost always find there are additional fees tucked away in the checkout process.

Booking Fees Slaughter Sales

A 2013 report from Which? found that 80% of people thought that booking fees on tickets are too high and off-putting.

Half of consumers questioned said additional charges on tickets had put them off booking altogether!

Which? Research 2013

At Ticksi, we’ve decided enough is enough…

We believe in being transparent in everything we do, so we encourage our Organisers to do the same.  When you host your event with Ticksi, all fees are included in the price shown to the buyer; absolutely no hidden extras.

Our fees are the lowest in the industry, and we’ve even developed a swanky Fee Calculator so you can be confident you’ll still get every penny of the ‘face value’ of your ticket.

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  • No fees for free events.
  • Lowest fees in the industry for paid events.
  • Super-slick, modern interface.
  • Flawless mobile experience.
  • Maximum sales potential.

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