NHS70 Event Inclusion Request

You can request your event to be included in the official list of NHS70 Events by completing the form below.

If you haven't yet created an event, please follow our Quick Start Guide and when you've finished creating your event come back to this page to make your request.

Pre-request Checklist

Please ensure you have checked the following prior to making a request to ensure the fastest turn-around. It may take up to three working days for us to action your request.

  1. Your account is registered with a pre-approved email address or one ending in or - we will only send authorisation checks to these addresses, and requests from accounts with any other email addresses will be rejected.
  2. Your event has been created with a valid start and end date, and with at least one ticket linked to it.
  3. You have checked that your event is displaying as intended by using the 'Live View' link within the Event Editor.
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